Meet our amazing Team of Top Rated Fishing Guides and support.

At Sigler Guide Service, we have assembled an exceptional team of local guides. Each has their own unique skill set, passion, and personality. Whether you are looking for inshore or offshore, fly/spin/trolling/bottom fishing, large group/small group, courting a high profile client, treating a best friend, looking for some time for yourself, or hosting a birthday party for your kids, we can match you with the perfect guide. All of our guides share one core goal ... to make your trip with us a memorable experience that exceeds your expectations! 

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Captain Randy Sigler

Randy has been fishing the local waters recreationally and commercially for over 30 years. He has taught 8th grade science in Marblehead, and for the last 25 years he has operated Sigler Guide Service, a saltwater flyfishing and light tackle guide service in Marblehead. The combination of backgrounds in teaching and fishing, a true passion for sharing all that he knows and sees, as well as a degree in Natural Resource Studies, create a perfect foundation to lead a safe, fun, and truly memorable experience. 


Laurel Sigler - Scheduler, Customer Support and all around Super Star

Laurel had always been more into fitness and competitive sports, but then was captured by Randy’s charm, humor, and damn good looks … and she begrudgingly accepted her lifelong involvement with fishing and the sea.  Laurel has been an integral part in helping Sigler Guide Service become New England’s largest charter fishing guide service. She handles the scheduling of over 800 trips a year, she is on the docks to meet & greet customers, she is up at all hours handling correspondence, gear orders,  scheduling guide assignments, etc, etc. Most highly acclaimed businesses have a “behind the scenes” superstar that is integral to their success. Laurel fills that role in style for Sigler Guide Service. She can be reached at 

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Captain Pete Yukins

Pete grew up in Beverly, MA, and along with running his own charter business, Molly Jean Charters, he has been a lead Kids Camp guide for over ten years. He has a USCG Master license and has lobstered out of Gloucester, spent many winters on an offshore gill net boat, and fishes for Bluefin tuna from Stellwagen to George’s Bank. Between running his own charters, Kids fishing camp, commercial fishing, and spending his mornings before camp fishing, he likely spends more time on the ocean than on land. When not on the water, Pete enjoys tying flies for himself and local fishing shops, and spending time with his wife, two young children, and dog, Molly. 


Captain Faxon Michaud

Faxon has been fishing in and around the North Shore since the age of eight when his parents signed him up for The Ultimate Kids Fishing Camp.  Little did they know that this camp would spark a life long love of fishing and the sea.  Faxon earned his USGC license in 2014, and has fished both salt and fresh water from the coast of Marblehead to the rivers of Montana and back to the canyons a few hundred miles off Cape Cod.  Faxon is energetic, gregarious, highly knowledgeable, and always has a bright smile on his face. His diversified skill set allows for him to use different methods of fishing to ensure that clients have a great day on the water.


Captain Bob Cook (Offshore & Tuna fishing)

Bob, a USCG 100GT Licensed Captain, is the owner of Fat Tuna Guide service, and is a highly successful tuna and offshore fisherman. He has been fishing the Northeast waters for twenty-five years in various capacities that include inshore & offshore lobstering, gilnetting, commercial swordfishing, and everything else under the sun. Bob hooked his first giant bluefin tuna ten years ago, and has been chasing them relentlessly ever since. Highly skilled, extremely passionate and personable, and running an outstanding fishing platform, Bob provides a high-end offshore fishing experience.  Due to the larger boat (a 37' Duffy), and length of his trips, Bob's rates are higher than our center consoles, but he also can handle larger parties on one boat (five people) than on our center consoles. Let us know if this type of trip is what you are looking for, and we can provide full details.


Captain Dan Rand

Dan has been actively fishing local waters for over 15 years for bass and tuna. He has held his USGC captains License for 9 years, and spent several years in Florida fishing the Billfish tournaments on private sportfish boats. He is now in his 8th year of private charter business here in Marblehead and has been a Sigler Guide Service team member for three years. In addition to guiding and recreational fishing, Dan has spent a number of years commercially fishing for Bluefin tuna. 


Captain Greg Katz

Greg is another early Kids Fishing Camp participant. Now, 10 years later, he has become quite the accomplished fisherman and guide. One of those All Star young men … bright, respectful, intuitive … who could never kick the lure of the sea.  Greg passed all of his Coast Guard license requirements prior to being old enough to submit them. He then honed his fishing skills until his 18th birthday at which point he submitted his material and was awarded his USCG Captains License. Greg had been a mate for Sigler Guide Service for several years, and for the last three years has been a core member of our guide team. Clients love him, we love him, you'll love him !

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Captain Kris Ensco

Kris has ...


Captain Tony Santosus

Tony grew up fishing the waters of Long Island Sound.  He now spends his time fishing, guiding, diving and hunting Massachusetts' North Shore and other Gulf of Maine waters.  During the off season, Tony spends some of his time fly tying, traveling in search of the ultimate fishing experience and staying current on the marine environment and angling techniques.  To go along with his numerous financial industry licenses, Tony is a USGC licensed captain, a PADI certified diver, and a new dad!


Captain Wes McCarthy

Wes has ...


Captain Eliot Jenkins

Eliot is the owner and operator of GreasyBeaks, a full service flyfishing and light tackle charter business serving the North Shore and coastal New England - from Ipswich Bay down to the Long Island Sound.  Eliot runs trips for Striped Bass, Bluefish and the notorious False Albacore.  Eliot is USCG licensed and has put in more than fourteen years of chasing fish, including a ten year stint in Oregon fishing for Chinook Salmon and Steelhead as well as years of guiding in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska. For the last 5 years, Eliot has been part of the Sigler Guide Service team.

Eliot is a passionate and adept angler whose experience is vast and ever expanding.  He is an avid fly-tyer and casting instructor who is always enthusiastic to teach, and just as eager to learn.


Captain Nick Keroack

Nick is another former kids-camper turned professional guide. Nick has ...


Captain Garrett Kanter

Growing up in Marblehead, Garrett always had a passion for the water, and that continues today! He has been fishing the waters of Marblehead and beyond for over 10 years. He grew up fishing for striped bass and bluefish locally, but quickly became obsessed with catching big fish in remote places. Having earned his USCG Captain’s License, he has fished up and down the east coast from the Florida Keys, to the Atlantic Canyons, to the Gulf of Maine. He has targeted a variety of species including Sailfish, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, white marlin, blue marlin, mako shark, blue shark … and the list keeps growing! A standout college Lacrosse player, Garret has also been a lacrosse coach, and run kid’s lacrosse camps. Always smiling, fun to be around, absolutely obsessed with fishing, and piloting a sweet boat, Garret brings a great time to all of his trips.


Captain Dan Gray

Dan grew up in Manchester, with a passion for fishing, and hunting. Dan enjoys a wide range of fishing styles and is as happy landing an 8” brookie from a tiny feeder stream as he is with an 800 Bluefin Tuna from Stellwagen Bank. Dan is USCG licensed and spends a considerable amount of time in the fall commercially fishing for giant Bluefin tuna. He is regarded as one of our “Go-To” guys for the offshore fishing scene. Dan is in his fifth year with Sigler Guide Service, and is often accompanied in the boat by his Chocolate Lab Boo.

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Captain You ??

Are you passionate about fishing? Do you enjoy teaching and sharing your love of of the marine environment. Are you great with people? Have you considered obtaining your USCG Captains license? If so, we are always on the lookout for another great guide to join our staff. We ran over 600 trips in 2017, and continue to grow each year. If you could see your picture and profile on this page, feel free to reach out to Randy.