Because these testimonials involved children, we omitted pictures, and took the liberty to replace the child’s name with my/our/son/daughter/boys,etc.

Just a quick note of thanks - how amazing for these boys to go out "fishing for tuna" and ACTUALLY catch one! Our son is having a fantastic time and said “this is the best camp I have ever done … ever”.  Much appreciated.

Sam & Tracey Bryne
Manchester, MA

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the boys had a great week! The quote I have heard from my son several times is "BEST CAMP EVER"
I have also heard from the other parents as they wanted to thank me for coordinating as their kids loved it as well!
The boys are already pressing for another week!!

Sal Napoli
Lynnfield, MA

A belated thank you to you, Will, Pete, and Elliot for the great time our son had last week at camp. All the days at camp have been fun, but catching that 42" striper today really was special. He said that Will was great with the kids; he adored him!

It's a parent's dream not only to feel confident in the hands in which you leave your child, but to know that your child will be happy. Our son got "verklempt" when he left Will, Pete, and Elliot on Friday. He genuinely likes and respects each captain, and can't wait to fish again in August.

Thank you so much for all you do in running this amazing camp. And a heartfelt thank-you to Will for being "so cool and fun" and for making him feel so special.

(PS Our dinner was fantastic!)

Melinda Grecco
Marblehead, MA

Holy shinola, ol’ boss.  Well done!  Without sounding too dramatic – it was one of the most unique experiences that our boys have had during any summer.  What an incredible, eye-opening adventure they had in your care!  The Ultimate Kids Fishing Camp simply did not disappoint, from the 35 inch stripers to the gutting lessons to the home cooked filets.  In one week you gave them part of what makes Marblehead magic, and an unparalleled experience on the ocean.  The week was one of those moments in time, complete with flawless weather and good company, which gave these boys more perspective, education and appreciation at an important time in their lives.

Avril and I cannot thank you enough.  We’re coming back for UKFC next summer.

David & Avril Burg
Solon, Ohio

Thanks to you and your crew, our son had one of the BEST TIMES HE'S EVER HAD and he loved fishing.  He will definitely be back!

Mary Ann Archibald

I haven't stopped staring at these pictures, and can barely find word to express my appreciation to you for making the summer so beyond anything that anything anyone of us could imagine!!  You are truly a gift to this planet, and these boys will never ever forget the joy, accomplishment, adventure and gift that your energy and enthusiasm gave them.   I thank you, for bringing your passion and wisdom to the lives of some little guys that would never have the chance to know otherwise!!! 

Joanne Miller
Marblehead, MA

Thank you very much for a wonderful experience for our son last week.  He had such a fun time, loved meeting you and loved the other captains.  He has already asked about signing up for next summer!  I would recommend the program highly as it is clear that you want the kids to come away with knowledge and enjoyment about fishing and all that goes with it.  My son really liked watching you disect the fish on Monday.  He can be a bit squeamish about some things, but he was very proud to tell anyone who would listen last week what his fish had to eat before being caught and that he had seen all of the fish's organs.

Many, many thanks again to all of you.  You have a great program and we will be back next summer!

Emily Lopez
Swampscott, MA

We want to THANK YOU! so very much for THE best week EVER!! 

Our kids had a great time and learned so much -- RESPECT for the water, fish and environment being a major part of it all - which is just tremendous. Our son has been explaining regulations to everyone that will listen. 

It could not have been better. We so appreciate all of what you give the kids. What a treasure you are!

MANY Thanks to you and Garrett and Will and everyone involved. 

Ann Dinner
Los Angeles, CA

Randy, I appreciate the hoops that you went through on behalf of the boys. I know that after this season they have really aged out with your kids camp but wanted you to know that our experience was incredible and that the boys really learned a lot and had a great experience.  I only wish that I had learned about your camp when our older son was younger so that he could have spent more time with you.  You are a true professional and a great teacher and the camp experience was fantastic.  I am happy to recommend your kids camp with great enthusiasm!  Thank you for trying so hard to accommodate the boys!

Beth Coppinger
Lynn, MA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Our son had an amazing week and has not stopped talking about it.  He said it was the best camp he has ever done and one of the best weeks of his life!!  He loved everything about it including the fishing, the boat rides, the educational experience, and the captains.  And being able to do all that with his good friends.  He loved filling us in on all the details (the pregnant fish, holding the beating heart, etc.).

Our son truly enjoyed every minute of the camp and spoke very highly of all the captains.  He is looking forward to doing it again next year!

Thank you again for providing our son with a most amazing experience!!  Truly "priceless."

Carol Moheban
Beverly, MA 

High School Application - Essay Question:  Describe a person who has had a major influence on you and tell us how that influence has affected you.

Our son’s response: 

“There is no way to name any one person as my sole influence, however there is one who has greatly affected my life...Randy Sigler.  Randy, as I call him, has affected my life in many ways and one important way is my love of science and anatomy.  Randy runs a fishing camp from State Street Dock, which I attended starting in fourth grade.  Even though it was a fishing camp, Randy managed to work science into it by dissecting the filleted fish and explaining what each part did and how it works.  Randy also inspired one of my favorite pastimes which is fishing.  Even now, I still take that camp because in the words of my former teacher Mr.Passakow "You don't know what you don"t know" … meaning you can always know more about everything.  I give credit for my good science grades to Randy because without the spark Randy had given to me to love science I would never have been so passionate in my studies.  So this is why I believe Randy Sigler has greatly influenced and affected my life." 

With our whole and swelled hearts Mr. Sigler, a huge thank you!  

Annie and Jeff Rockwell
Marblehead, MA

Thanks, Randy!   "Good time" isn't accurate -- it was the BEST time, EVER! (Our son even went to bed early last night, because he wanted today to come faster!)
Thank you so much!  What a great program for these kids!  Great idea!

Ann Scibelli
Swampscott, MA