We have all the fishing gear! 

Here's a list of helpful items for the kids to bring:

  • Life vest (if child has one, otherwise we can provide)

  • Snacks and drinks (try to avoid snacks w/choc. chips and blueberries ... they stain BAD :)

  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (PLEASE - NO Aerosol/Spray on Sunscreen … it stains fiberglass orange)

  • Non-marking shoes (Teva, Keen and Crocs are great. Sneakers are fine but may get wet. Flip-flops are not advised)

  • Rain gear (we still fish on rainy days)

  • Kick The Plastic: There are a number of marine/conservation related organizations teaming up to reduce the amount of plastic floating around this planet. A great way to help is to minimize the use of plastic water bottles. It you have the ability to send your child with a refillable water bottle rather than a disposable plastic bottle, that would be great. PLEASE write your child’s name on the bottle (and everything else for that matter:), so that we can return the many that get left behind. As a means to do our little share, we have custom aluminum Kids Fishing Camp water bottles available for $10 (just over our cost). You can buy one here  and we will bring it on day one.