Fishing Trips and Rates (center consoles)

Inshore Trips

4 Hour - $550
6 hour – $695
8 Hour – $875

Inshore trips typically target Striped Bass using light spinning and fly tackle. Other species available on inshore trips include bluefish, small cod, flounder, mackerel and pollock.

Since we are rarely more than 10 minutes from fishing, the majority of the trips we run June - September are 4 hour inshore trips. The 4 hour trips typically run 7:00 - 11:00ish or 11:30 - 3:30ish. These are perfect for family trips, as well as for folks who want to experience the wonderful fishery we have. Our basic feeling is that if the fish are biting, 4 hours is plenty of time to have fun. If the fish aren’t biting, then more time probably isn’t going to make a big difference. However, for folks who just can’t get enough time on the water, we are happy to run longer trips.

Larger party = No problem: We can easily arrange multiple boat trips for larger groups. These tend to be quite fun, as we depart and return together, and can often fish together, and it can be made as competitive as desired :-)  Rates quoted above are per boat.

Offshore Trips

6 Hour – $750
8 Hour –  $950
10 Hour – $1,150

To target Bluefin Tuna, Sharks, groundfish, or Whale watching, requires a longer run to offshore banks. These trips typically require a 30 – 50 minute run to the fishing grounds, and become much more dependent upon favorable weather patterns. However, when conditions are right, offshore trips offer a whole new world of opportunity.  Because of the longer run, a 6 hour trip is a minimum, with 8 hours being the norm, and 10 hrs a norm for serious tuna fishing.


Additional Information

Number of Participants

Adults: In the 23’ – 26’ Center Consoles that we fish, 2 adults is ideal for maximum fishing time, room to move about, and overall enjoyment. Three adults is fine, thought there may be times (depending on fishing methods) where we are only fishing two rods. Four adults can be accommodated, but recognize that space gets tight, and “rod-in-hand” time is reduced.

Kids/Families: We can easily accommodate two adults and two children, one adult & three children, or four (sometimes five) children solo. Two adults & three children is OK, with the understanding that we are focused on creating a fun experience for the kids, so the adults should not plan on lots of rod-in-hand time for themselves.

Group Trips: With multiple boats, we can accommodate groups of up to 30 people. Group trips can be very fun, can be a great company moral booster, and are easy to organize. The above rates apply per boat.


Because we have such a strong base of existing clients, current clients and/or close referrals do not require deposits, with the understanding that if your plans change last minute, we may need to discuss making things right. First time clients may need a deposit to hold prime time slots.


People often ask “Is a gratuity normal/expected ?”.  We recognize that the cost of a fishing charter is not insignificant.  At the same time, the cost of running a charter business is also significant. As a generalization, if you feel you had a memorable trip, a 15% - 20% gratuity is not uncommon.

Off Season/Time Discounts

June through September is an insanely busy time for us. That being said, there may be odd times and or last minute cancelations where we can offer a 10 – 20% discount on trips. Similarly, May, October, and November (mid-week in particular) may have open days that we can offer a discount on. Don’t be afraid to ask what our status is.